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    Wings 2003 Rock Festival website

    [The work is in the museum]

    “July 5. 10 a.m. Tushino airfield. The “Wings” rock festival”, read billboards posted throughout Moscow. “For more information, visit www.krylia.ru”.

    The website is packed with information: emcees, the full list of concert participants, the map of the place and special features of the 196 kW audio system. A lot of curious facts about the history of the festival are unveiled in passing. As a matter of fact, the festival was originally planned on one of islands on the Moscow River, while people were supposed to be delivered there on rafts.

    Main page: Tushino, a bird’s-eye view

    You can invite friends to the festival on the website by flagging the map. Big companies can get “5+1” coupons—every sixth bottle of Stary Melnik beer is free.

    Illustration for the “Talking” section

    Days before the festival, an online conference with “Wings” participants to be chosen by website visitors will be held. Experienced folks have a great opportunity to trade their photos from the previous “Wings” for a bandana.

    Release date: June 10 2003


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