Stary Melnik beer website

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The key theme of the website: soulful rest with soulful beer Stary Melnik.

Website main page

The website abounds in conditions for a soulful rest—at home, in the country, in a bar, at a stadium and, or course, in sauna.

Soulful rest at a stadium

Sauna visitors can play the Sauna Day game and use the beer calculator. In a bar, there are Beer Races, a game for folks who can drink beer fast and smart. If you are in the country, you can shoot at the Stary Melnik shooting range, select a suitable beer route and learn how to open bottles in a scientific way.

Soulful rest at home

Soulful rest in a bar

You can pick out the major attribute of the soulful rest from a catalog containing all sorts and packaging options of Stary Melnik beer.

Soulful rest in the open: beer in the city

Art. Lebedev Studio designers spent several months to allow users spend a couple of days browsing the website.

The website was ordered by Moscow Efes Brewery.

Release date: June 11 2003


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Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Alla Avanesova and Alexey Afonin (Moscow-Efes Brewery) for their help in project implementation

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