Stolbus sign posts: 1 2

Stolbus-2 Dandaka road sign post

Task: to create a road sign post.

New road signs are being installed in Moscow (they are placed on streets with light road traffic and gently fit into the surrounding architecture).

A new sign post was developed at the studio together with the Technical Development Center.

stolbus 2 front

Making the post square to ensure the signs can be properly secured and can’t rotate, developing a strong and light clamp with just one bolt and adding a nice metal base.

The base is made of two bent steel sheets and looks a lot like elegant steel origami.

stolbus 2 side

The sign post is cheap to produce and easy to maintain. For example, thanks to its clever locking system the decorative base can be installed in a single motion. Just take the two parts and connect them so they click. The locks are designed in a way that makes it almost impossible to take the base apart or deform it.

stolbus 2 scheme

Choosing strict black for the color and enjoying the result. We have just made the most beautiful and sophisticated sign post in all history of sign posts.

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Timur Burbaev


  • Petr Konovalov


  • Viktor Lvov

project manager

  • Pavel Kramarenko
  • From the Technical Development Center

project initiator and investor

  • Alexei Kuchmin

design engineer

  • Kirill Minibaev

production manager

  • Nikolay Nepreliy

business development manager

  • Olga Serebryakova
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