The making of the Stoloto quick games interface

Overview   Process  

Trying to build an interface from typical blocks already in use on the website.

stoloto fast games process 01

Placing the lotteries on the preliminary layout grid.

Estimating the scroll behavior.

stoloto fast games process 03

The client asks to move away from the classic representation of lotteries and similarity with paper tickets. Toning down the background and making vertical fields horizontal.

Thinking about the payment mechanism. Technical limitations prevent us from adding payment right on the game page. Generating a bunch of alternatives from popup windows to iframes.

stoloto fast games process 05

Looking at the overall style.

Coming up with ticket purchase animation.

The client asks us to think about the auto betting mode. We turn to the traditional casino bets: half of all the numbers, all multiples of a number, all even or odd numbers, etc. The available set of buttons depends on the rules of the game.

stoloto fast games process 08

Finalizing the project, discussing it with the client and sending for typesetting.

stoloto fast games process 09

Creating the graphics in the style of the website keeping in mind that everything might change many times over.

stoloto fast games process 10

Once the typeset mock-ups are ready, we realize the need for bug reports. Working on the small details and keeping the technologist busy.

stoloto fast games process 11

Trying the purchased tickets view on the mock-up.

stoloto fast games process 12

Working on the style of error messages.

stoloto fast games process 13

The ticket checking mode evolves in small steps.

Live draw results view mutates rapidly.

stoloto fast games process 15

Launching quick games in test mode. People start playing and submit first reviews. The feedback prompts the client to revert to the visual style of classic lotteries. Bringing back the grid and backgrounds that the players are accustomed to.

stoloto fast games process 16
stoloto fast games process 17

The new changes lead to more challenges for the layout. The new design is introduced right on the live website. Arranging with the technologist to make changes as soon as they are ready. Writing bug reports in the Business Lynch style: finding a bunch of problems, approaching the technologist and explaining them in our own words. Small problems are fixed right away while the bigger ones are put into todo lists.

stoloto fast games process 18

Order a design...