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    Gosloto “6 Out of 45” lottery identity

    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Design a Gosloto lottery game.

    With “6 Out of 45,” if you get the numbers right, you can get yourself quite a large amount of money.

    6x45 01 balls 2
    The logo is designed like the rest of the lottery logos

    The lottery identity package is described in&nbps;a thin book of guidelines.

    6x45 01 brandbook cover 2
    Guidelines cover
    6x45 02 brandbook spread 2
    Double-page spread about black and white versions of the logo
    6x45 02 bb spread3
    Double-page spread about the mistakes to avoid
    6x45 03 sticker
    Sticker: “Win up to 100 mln”

    Release date: May 06 2010


    artistic director
    art director
    technical designers
    type designer

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