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    Gosloto “7 out of 49” lottery identity

    Task: to design a Gosloto lottery game.

    “7 out of 49” is a game with high stakes and a huge prize.

    gosloto identity 7x49 logo
    Lottery logo

    We put together a small guidebook with recommendations for the correct use of the logo.

    gosloto identity 7x49 bb cover
    Guidebook cover
    gosloto identity 7x49 bb spread 1
    Pages on the space around the logo
    gosloto identity 7x49 bb spread 2
    Pages on the typeface and type combinations

    gosloto identity 7x49 slogan
    Three-storey typography

    The visual identity was designed by the request of TD Gosloto.

    Release date: January 26 2012


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