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    Overview• Process

    Working on structure. Writing a list of elements and functions implemented in current versions of the main website, mobile application and mobile website. Understanding which of them are shared across all platforms and which are unique. Creating a new inheritance diagram.

    stoloto mobile process 01 01
    Existing function inheritance
    stoloto mobile process 01 02
    Required function inheritance

    Elaborating the structure. Keeping in mind the existing mobile application to minimize the difference in logic and navigation.

    stoloto mobile process 02

    Making the first approach to page design. Adapting the style of website concepts to the existing application.

    stoloto mobile process 03

    The new website should be lighter than the application and load quickly regardless of the quality of internet connection.

    Getting the client’s request to make game banners more informative. Changing the structure of the main screen. Choosing a more minimalist direction for the style. Using single colors instead of gradients, removing excessive images and animation.

    stoloto mobile process 04

    Assembling a prototype and testing.

    stoloto mobile process 05

    We are satisfied with the chosen direction. Since the client is rushing to release the website, dividing the project into two concurrent branches: version 1.5 for the upcoming release and version 2.0 for the final release. Focusing on 1.5 for the time being.

    stoloto mobile process 06

    At this point unexpected happens: the client approves a new visual style where blue and white colors are abandoned in favor of black and yellow. Urgently making changes to the mock-ups.

    stoloto mobile process 07

    Sending the mock-ups for development, drawing final icons and creating a web typeface.

    stoloto mobile process 08

    The client asks to add an archive of previous draw results to version 1.5.

    stoloto mobile process 09

    Tracing the evolution of the main screen.

    stoloto mobile process 10

    Meanwhile, Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg passes bylaw 361 which forbids distribution of instant lotteries that make use of mechanical, electrical, electronic or other technical devices. Removing all instant games from the release replacing them with draw games.