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  • The making of the Stoloto New Year game

    Overview• Process

    Receiving information from the client.

    Sales of tickets for New Year draws of Russia’s most popular lotteries are starting. For sales on the internet, the client is planning to make tickets available in series accompanied by intermediate prize draws every two weeks. We need to present this idea in a fun way to engage players.

    Making the first attempt. Suggesting to hide prize keys in secret boxes, ten in a row. Prizes can be won once each row is revealed. To take part in the draw players need to find the required number of keys.

    Receiving clarification from the client: we not only need to design the game process and a way to show its current status, we also need to make it bright and exciting.

    What if we suggest a sort of a board game which will involve traveling on a path or revealing hidden pictures? Making the second attempt and deciding on the scenario.

    The art director chooses the step-by-step game and asks to demonstrate how it can be implemented on the website.

    Showing sketches to the client and drawing details of the game map, characters and infrastructure.

    Adding the path and placing information marks.

    Assembling mock-ups with final graphics.

    Sending the mock-ups for typesetting and getting ready to play.