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    Overview   Process  

    Gosloto is looking for a holiday postcard. Thinking what it could look like.

    Just pictures:

    Or Flash postcards. For example, about two Santas. The Good Santa is trying to deliver presents, while the Bad Santa is shooting at him from below:

    Or maybe children are trying to assault his carriage:

    Or a Flash first-person shooter. Evil snowmen are trying to get to us and we are drinking Champagne and melting them with piss:

    Or about the wizard Churov in a blue helicopter:

    Nope, it’s all wrong.

    A snowman chasing children?

    Playing on ice-covered slides?

    Or a magic magnifying glass that reveals unexpected details?

    No, no and no. It has to be a small website where you can insert a friend’s mug into a comic strip.

    Coming up with ideas for the strip and turning the idea into a finished website in just two days.

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