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    The making of the Let’s Go lottery interface

    Overview   Process  

    The lottery’s paper ticket has only one field, scratching it off immediately shows what you won. Trying to think how to realize it in the game. The lottery is called Let’s Go, which means something fun must be going on. What if it’s ski jumping? Making the sketches.

    Art director: OK.

    Considering ways to bring it to life. Suggesting alternatives. Maybe like this?

    Or this?

    Choosing the one with the slope. Making quick sketches.

    Starting to draw.

    Animating the character.

    Working on the shot breakdown.

    The background looks empty, we need to put something there. How about this?

    Art director: The houses look good. We can make the house number plates show the size of the prize. A street. Windows are opening, people are waving. Lights on the houses light up. I like it.

    Drawing the houses, adding the lights and launching the game.

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