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    The making of the Sport Festival lottery interface

    Overview   Process  

    Getting some paper lottery tickets.

    Reading the rules and starting to generate ideas. It has to be about winter, since the lottery is related to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. We come up with a snowball fight. What if we throw snowballs at animals and win prizes? The art director likes the idea. Drafting the concept and presenting to the client.

    The client approves. Starting to draw. First, the background.

    Sketching the fir trees.

    Nope, not quite what we need. Drawing the trees again and placing them on a snow field.

    Simultaneously making sketches for the characters.

    Art director: They look like they’re from Soviet cartoons. They have to be more modern.

    Making new sketches.

    Art director: Nope, wrong again.

    Inviting another designer to work on the characters.

    Art director: Can they maybe have different poses? Right now it looks like a bunch of criminal mugshots. Also, they are too dark and gloomy. There has to be more fun and joy, like in pinball games.

    Art director: This is seriously fucked up, they look like thirsty beggars.

    Art director: The fox was better. Continue in that style.

    Art director: That’s better. Make sure they have different poses: some can be sitting, some can be laying down. Don’t be afraid to make them stick out of a snow pile. Add more fantasy, more playfulness.

    Art director: Now make the beaver and the bear look different, as well as the fox and that weird red animal, and it’s an OK.

    Art director: All good, except for the thug snowman.

    Replacing the thug snowman with a dog and showing to the client.

    According to the scenario, the animals will have to be covered in snow. Poor guys.

    Burying them in snow.

    Looks bad. Freezing them instead.

    All right, it’s done, sending to the client. Who replies with an idea, “Let’s have it so we need to shoot the animals like at a shooting range!” Interesting, sure, but would require full-scale modification of the game. Piling up ideas.

    Deciding to make it as simple as possible. The Start button now has a sight.

    Adding a table with stats of the previous draw on the side.

    Choosing the latter option. Creating a bunch of helper graphics.

    The client sends the sounds. Launching.

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