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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a Stoloto website section for the most important players.

    Premium Club is a closed section of the Stoloto Website for those who play for high stakes. The section has its own design and offers additional services to the visitors.

    stoloto premium main
    Main page of the Premium Club

    The section has everything players need to make big bets and win quickly.

    stoloto premium numbers
    stoloto premium manual
    stoloto premium auto
    stoloto premium notifications
    Premium Club users can create several sets of favorite numbers, use them to instantly fill coupons and make automatic bets and easily manage their subscriptions

    Release date: January 20 2015


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Vasily Sergeev
    Tatyana Buchneva
    technical designer
    Anna Voshkarina
    type designer
    Taisiya Lushenko
    Evgeny Kuleshov
    project managers
    Ekaterina Zheleznyak
    Karina Ibragimova
    Anastasia Bezborodova

    Members of the club can enjoy pleasant features and useful interface improvements on the main website as well.

    stoloto premium circle 01
    Pages with additional features for high bidders are marked by a crown icon
    stoloto premium circle 02
    Members of the club can make up to 50 bets in one click
    stoloto premium circle 03
    Archive of the draws can now be downloaded
    stoloto premium circle 04
    Mailing lists and notifications now have extended settings

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