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    The making of the Prikup lottery interface

    Overview• Process

    Studying the rules of the game and the task. Prikup lottery is made for card game enthusiasts. Players get eight unique cards which need to fully or partially match the winning combination. During the draw, fifteen unique cards from the deck are revealed.

    The interface of the new lottery needs to be in line with the game process and differ from regular betting. Understanding the requirements and drawing sketches based on several scenarios.

    In the first option, the player marks cards betting on a probable match. The cards are shown during the draw.

    Another idea is to generate a combination instead of marking cards.

    In the third alternative we suggest the player to turn eight random cards and place a bet.

    The art director says we need to leave the balls for other lotteries and follow the third route. Doing so.

    Showing the prototype to the client. Overall, they like the result, however the rules of the game have been amended. Now players can make extended bets choosing up to 14 cards.

    The updated information nicely matches with the ongoing overall refresh of Stoloto quick games.

    The playing field survives a major revamp.

    The client is happy. Coming up with mock-ups for multibets, archive of draws and the results page.

    Photographing the croupier for the main page.

    Filling in the missing elements.

    The client asks to also have the dealer in the draw broadcast. Drawing the required graphics.

    Everything is ready, everyone is happy. In the very first day of the lottery going live, one of the players wins the superprize.