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    The making of the Rapido lottery corporate identity

    Overview   Process  

    Making first sketches.

    Choosing a couple of better ideas, concentrating on the chip.

    Showing the chip to the client, as well as the “explosive” idea that came to mind at the very last moment.

    The client is happy with the chip. Making the chip.

    Thus starts the bumpy road of modeling. Creating the first renders. Settling on the material, position, texture and lighting.

    Proceeding by trial and error.

    Wrong way. Mustering up courage to press Undo and start over again.

    Additionally, Tema insists on using only the latin R on the chip.

    This looks better. But the picture still lacks “comfort and peace.”

    By this time, the type designer has prepared the writing. We decide to follow his style and change the central capital.

    Adjusting colors and reflections.

    Combining all the parts together.

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