Stoloto online lottery mall 2.5

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Task: to considerably improve a website without making any revolutionary changes.

Release date: February 18 2016

Introduction of new lotteries and increase in the number of players lead to constant updating of the functionality of Stoloto online store. Version 2.5 introduces new navigation and purchasing principles. Lottery cards are now light and uniform, they no longer have teasers, excessive graphic effects or secondary elements.

Main page with the filter bar

Lottery status animations inform players about an important event or a super prize draw.

The number of steps required to make a bet has been decreased: the side panel allows to pay postponed invoices from any page.

Everything for instant payment

Apart from making payment easy, the side panel also contains a list of lotteries that the player has purchased tickets for. Lottery information can be displayed either in a list or in the form of tiles. The list allows viewing a large number of games at a time, while the tiles work best on touchscreen devices. The visitor can switch between the two views to choose the most comfortable representation.

stoloto3 cart
stoloto3 cart
stoloto3 cart
stoloto3 cart
stoloto3 cart
stoloto3 cart

The website employs a color coding system: each lottery has its own background gradient which is used on its tile, making games easy to recognize.

To decrease the amount of raster graphics on the website, all icons are built into the typeface.

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