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The making of the Patterns on Ice lottery interface

Overview   Process  

Looking at the tickets.

stoloto uzory process 01

Reading the rules, coming up with ideas. The lottery is called Patterns on Ice, which means we’ll need to create the patterns. The ticket has four fields to scratch off, we need to show all of them in the game. Sketching the figure skating concept.

stoloto uzory process 02

Presenting. The client likes the general idea but not the characters. Offering two figure skaters, a penguin and a hockey referee.

stoloto uzory process 03

Client: OK.

Starting to work on the background. Deciding to replace the stadium with a cozy evening courtyard. After all, we’ve got amateurs competing, not professional figure skaters. Making the first drafts.

stoloto uzory process 04

Client: OK.

Getting inspired by beautiful houses.

stoloto uzory process 05

Drawing the wireframe houses in curves.

stoloto uzory process 06

Exporting to Photoshop and adding details.

stoloto uzory process 07

It gets darker.

stoloto uzory process 08

And even darker. Adding volume and detail.

stoloto uzory process 09

Meanwhile, another designer draws the characters.

stoloto uzory process 10

The penguin is OK, but the other characters will need to be recreated. Replacing the designer.

stoloto uzory process 11

Art director: The characters can look cartoony, like in all other games. Right now the style is too pretentious and helpless.

stoloto uzory process 12

Art director: More like it, but now they look fat.

stoloto uzory process 13

That’s better. Adding the referee.

stoloto uzory process 14

Art director: He’s got a bulbous nose, poor shading under the belly and messy trousers. Let’s draw beautiful modern people, not losers please. A young and cheerful referee, that’s who we need. Your dude looks like a janitor.

stoloto uzory process 15

Art director: Now he looks like a happy guy from North Korean posters. Try to find someone else please, this one is too fake, I don’t believe him.

stoloto uzory process 16

Art director: Too Belorussian, try again.

stoloto uzory process 17

Art director: It’s all the same over and over. Can you draw a different guy for once? Change his height, put on a different helmet. He looks horrible right now, down to every single pixel.

Again from scratch.

stoloto uzory process 18

Art director: Now he looks stiff and broken. You can’t seem to nail it. Maybe screw him then? Let’s draw someone else?

Ultimately choosing one of the options.

stoloto uzory process 19

Another idea we have is to use a skating robot. Making the sketches.

stoloto uzory process 20


stoloto uzory process 21

Throughout the work, we keep in mind the overall picture. The paper ticket has four scratch-off fields. Numbers in the “Short program” and “Free program” fields are added together and compared to the number in the “Record” field. If the sum exceeds the record, the player wins the prize hidden in the “Prize” field. We need to show all that in the game. Turning it into a competition between amateur and professional skaters. We’ll be playing for amateurs, of course.

stoloto uzory process 22

Showing the prize on the panel.

stoloto uzory process 23

Placing the skaters on ice, adding sounds picked by the client. The game is ready to be launched.

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