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    The making of the All for a Hundred lottery logo

    Overview   Process  

    The designer comes up with some ideas and sends them to the art director.

    A candy machine with a rotating handle.

    A magnet that attracts luck.

    A fishing rod that also attracts catch.

    A lotto ball with a goldfish inside.

    Start lights (seems like the most promising idea).

    By the way, it would look better if it were animated.

    Comparing the start lights and the magnet.

    Art director: The start lights are OK, let’s try inserting them into screenshots.


    The client approves the concept. Starting to draw the logo. Searching for the shape of the lights and the digits, choosing the shade of green.

    The art director picks the best design which we polish some more.

    Finding the best shape, working on it, changing the perspective, making small adjustments.

    Starting to work on the text part of the logo.

    Preparing the main and the scaled-down version of the text.

    Choosing the best proportions of the logo and the text, creating a black and white alternative and scaled-down designs for use on light and dark backgrounds.

    Working on the festive version for the website.

    The art director does not approve. Changing the designer.

    Trying other styles and metaphors. The wings make the logo look like a chicken. Fire and lightnings don’t go well with the start lights. Changing the designer again.

    Choosing the volumetric fire and developing it further.

    Trying it on the website and showing to the client.

    The client doesn’t like the fire. Suggesting other options.

    The client decides to go with ribbons. Working on this design.

    Making a version for a light background and scaled-down versions for use on smaller media.

    Getting the client’s approval and typesetting the style guide.

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