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    The making of the All for a Hundred lottery interface

    Overview   Process  

    We start by creating a rapid prototype.

    Searching for the style and mood of the game.

    Showing the concept to the client and making changes to the rules.

    Choosing banner formats for the main page.

    There will be more prizes, which means the grid has to be more compact.

    Playing with banner style and background.

    Carefully working on prize presentation and draw status.

    Trying different variants for the main page.

    We get the idea to make competing prizes.

    The art director approves, continuing.

    Simultaneously drawing a bet page.

    Carefully working on prize presentation and draw status.

    Designing the banner for the main page.

    Drawing technical graphics.

    Adding an announcement banner.

    Coming up with a quick sketch and showing to the client.

    Getting the client’s approval, drawing and animating.

    Decreasing the number of animated layers as much as possible, typesetting.

    Getting ready for the second attempt.

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