Strana Development logo, naming and identity

Task: to develop a recognizable corporate identity and come up with a name for an asset management company.

Strana Development construction company (previously known as Snegiri) has been operating since 2007. The company built several residential buildings in Tyumen and an entire residential complex Zvezdny Gorodok.

In 2018, the brand decided to expand and enter the Moscow market. The new naming and logo mark a new milestone in the company’s history.

The new name emphasizes the scale of the brand and conveys several important ideas. Since it was founded, the company has grown. It expanded beyond Tyumen to Moscow, other regions and the entire country!

Every person on the planet cares about their country. Country means home, family and homeland. The development company is proud of our country, loves it and works for its future.

The very idea of a “country” is timeless and will always remain relevant. The name Strana Development will never become outdated.


Thanks to the variety of different versions, the logo looks great on any media.

The vertical design is used for decorative purposes, for example for souvenirs.

Billboards notify clients of the name change.

strana development billboard

Construction site fences introduce features of a new home.

Construction site fences introduce features of a new home.

art director and designer


motion designer


type designer


project manager

Made in 80 days
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