How to get to our headquarters in Moscow

Art. Lebedev Studio
7 Ulitsa 1905 Goda, str. 1
Moscow, 123022

Telephone: +7 495 926-18-00

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On foot

Take the Metro to Ulitsa 1905 Goda station (take the last train car from downtown, exit No. 1) and cross the beginning of Zvenigorodskoye Highway through an underground passage. In front of you you’ll see a large white building of the Moskovskaya Gazetnaya Tipografia. Look for a control booth to the right of the building.

Once behind the gates, walk along the concrete fence to the farther end of the courtyard. Enter the light grey door under the huge #1 sign and take the elevator to the 7th floor.

How to get access to the studio

You need to order a pass in advance by calling the studio by phone. A pass is a set of numbers that you will have to enter into a special terminal in the guard booth. Using the terminal, the pass can be recorded to any common electronic card such as Troika, Strelka, Podorozhnik, a student travel card, a social card or a Ediny travel card.

You must also have one of three documents—a passport, driver’s license or military ID—to show the security guard.

Tours and open houses

Alas, no such thing.

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