The Studio’s 10th anniversary poster

Art. Lebedev Studio’s Tenth Anniversary
60×84 cm

This poster was sent by post to those, who had sent us photographs of themselves with any of our previous posters (the brain, the building or the writing one) by 1 December 2005.

We didn’t accept collages and shots, where our posters were displayed on a screen or self-printed. And the lazy kind, from whom we received the same pictures as we did last year, never got new posters either.

It was Roma Voronezhsky and Yury Shvetsov to come up with the idea, Lena Savina to photograph, and Himself to design it.

Hands: Roma Voronezhsky and Artemy Lebedev.

These people here were given the hands poster (101 shots)

We appreciated the approach. They got it too.

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