The Studio’s 11th anniversary poster

Jtsuken Alphabet
60×84 cm

To get this 11th anniversary free poster you needed to make a picture of yourself featuring and any material object designed by Art. Lebedev Studio by 1 December 2006 and just wait for it to arrive.

People could get photographed wearing our T-shirts, drinking out of Atmark, using Globus, reading Gordon’s book, posing with one of our posters in the background, holding BBK remote control, operating Samsung Sweetheart, Optimus Mini Three or Azimut 2000, cuddling Ridibundus, and what not.

We did not accept collages and genetically modified images.

Every time we get amazed at our visitor’s creativity. Naturally, the most brilliant ones get a poster and an ALS item they do not yet have.

It was made by Yegor Zhgun, supervized by Himself, based on Roma Voronezhsky and Yury Shvetsov’s idea.

Winners’ portraits

Now we know something about the geographic and demographic distribution of our customers. And yes sure, we’ll be using the images for advertising purposes.

Super (get more than a poster)

31 people

Get it

394 people

Do not get it

37 people

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