Art. Lebedev 15th birthday poster

Bubble Wrap Addiction
90×60 cm (2′×3′)

If you wish to get this bubble wrap poster created on the occasion of our 15th birthday, send us your a picture of yourself with any product designed at the Studio (see the complete list at no later than November 1, 2010, include your shipping details and wait for it to arrive.

It can be a photo of you wearing one of our T-shirts, drinking from an Atmark mug, holding a book or a poster, or a BBK remote control, using a Samsung Sweetheart microwave oven or our Optimus Maximus keyboard, etc.

Our fans keep surprising us. Those with the coolest ideas will receive something else from our store along with the poster. It pays to be original.

This is a whole square meter of pure joy. Top-quality bubbles, perfect for popping meditatively on a long winter evening or just beating your head safely against the wall. It reads Design will save the world in Russian.

The design may change without notice, but it’s going to be great anyway.

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