Museum of Oldies

We would be happy to accept old items into our collection of old stuff. Things that failed to reside in technical museums or antiquarian bookstores, yet were not thrown away can find a home here. If you live in Moscow, you won’t even have to leave your house—we’ll send a courier to your door.

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What we already have (more to be uploaded):

Interceptor game machine

Autorally-M game machine

Safari game machine

Basketball game machine

Crane game machine

Ice Hockey game machine

Turnip game machine

Winter Hunting game machine

Tankodrome game machine

Quiz game machine

Highway game machine

Battleship game machine

Sniper 2 game machine

Penalty game machine

TV sets

radio receivers

mobile phones





sewing machines

What we need:

Electronics and other equipment

KVN TV sets

old typewriters

cash exchange machine from the Metro

ebonite telephones


old Soviet calculators

ticket machine from an old bus (and a roll of tickets)

lamps, fans

old communication devices (mobile phones the size of a suitcase, etc.)

coal iron

electric chair (if you don’t need it)

radiograms and receivers (of any year and origin)

coin-operated telephone

Household items from the last (20th) century

flat batteries

other types of old Soviet batteries (like Korund and Krona)

triangular milk packs

kefir bottles


counting frames (schoty)

tea glass holders (podstakanniki)

Books and other materials

about the Metro, Metrostroi, etc.

on typography, typesetting, history of books, etc.


collections of labels and cigarette packs

sign plates


'Today the Kremlin is closed' sign from Aleksandrovsky Sad

manhole covers

Art. Lebedev Studio thanks everyone who contributed to the museum.

The exhibits have more than just decorative value—they often appear in our projects and provide inspiration to the studio’s designers.

From time to time, some of these items get displayed at the exhibitions or seen on TV, in movies and print ads. We are always happy to lend our stuff to design studios and film crews on terms of self-collection, self-return and careful handling.

Our collection:

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