Sun City album

Problem: Impress investors.

Sun City Company is launching a new project in Kazan—construction of a large residential district complete with stores, parks, schools, gardens, a business center, sports facilities, and other amenities. Before the construction starts, a voluminous and complex album has been created to get investors’ and other serious people’s attention.

Cover secured by four screws

The album features Kazan sightseeing places, tells the reader about the city’s investment appeal and its social well-being. Views of today’s Kazan alternate with the views of the future: double-page spreads show the Sun City district built, landscaped, and populated.

In some double-page spreads there are pop-up buildings like in a good children’s book.

Release date: March 14 2006


art director
English proofreader
production manager

Kazan University like alive

Double-page spread with pop-up residential buildings to be built

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