Suzdal Millennium Anniversary identity


Suzdal is an ancient city in Vladimir Oblast, the first mention of which dates back to the year 1024. It is the only museum city in Russia: it is part of the Golden Ring and its territory contains around two hundred historical monuments, three of the which have the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. In 2024, the majestic Suzdal will turn one thousand years old.

We created a soulful anniversary identity for the city. The falcon in the logo—a recognizable symbol of the city— is borrowed from Suzdal’s ancient coat of arms. The blue color refers to the majestic domes of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos, while the shape of the eye references traditional local patterns. At the same time, the simplified outline reflects keeping up with the times and makes the logo memorable. The text part looks dynamic and modern, but the alpha and omega in it speak directly to the timeless nature of the city.

suzdal pre

The rich Vladimir-Suzdal patterns, reinterpreted in a new way, are actively used in the identity and are responsible for the link between times.

The identity is universal: its elements can be arbitrarily combined and used to brand festival souvenirs, advertising, buildings and vehicles.

suzdal cup
suzdal squares
suzdal facade
suzdal poster
suzdal bag
suzdal scarf
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