Svetoforus-2 (Isiklarius) Istanbul traffic lights

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Task: To design new traffic lights for Istanbul.

For the ISBAK company and the Istanbul city municipality our studio has designed a new traffic light from scratch.

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ISBAK services the Istanbul transport system since 1986.


The traffic light is shaped as an exclamation mark—an established sign calling for attention and stressing important points. Yet the object remains instantly recognizable as a traffic signal.

Istanbul has tens of thousands of traffic lights today.


Svetoforus-2 is the world’s first traffic light to use signal panels based on the PHOLED (phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode) technology.


The mount has a pivot and adjustable arm’s length, which allows you to rotate or tilt the body.


Svetoforus-2 is equipped with a system developed in our studio that detects visually impaired and handicapped pedestrians. It uses special icons on the signal panel to warn drivers when such persons approach the crossing.

There is a sound signal for visually impaired that also alerts other pedestrians and drivers.

isiklarius blenda color

The body is made of linen-colored plastic

isiklarius back color

The back panel is black with a light-reflecting outline

This modular traffic light is easy to assemble in any combination—just use inverted lower sections for any extras you need

Release date: July 01 2011

World history of traffic light development

isiklarius history 01 isiklarius history 02 isiklarius history 03 isiklarius history 04 isiklarius history 06 isiklarius history 07 isiklarius history 08 isiklarius history 09

The first traffic light installed in London

G. Morgan designed a cross-shaped traffic signal

William Potts created the first three-section traffic light

Traffic light towers appeared on Fifth avenue. They were twenty-five feet high and policemen operated them manually

The Marshalite traffic signal used a dial and was created by Charles Marshall

Three-section traffic lights became dominant in traffic control

Traffic signals acquire super-bright LEDs, which consume less power

Art. Lebedev Studio designed a traffic light with square sections

Structure elements

This traffic light is engineered to work with a base of any profile or diameter. Brackets are put in place with off-the-shelf tools and do not require particular precision.

isiklarius full scheme 01 isiklarius full scheme 02 isiklarius full scheme 03 isiklarius full scheme 04 isiklarius full scheme 05 isiklarius full scheme 06 isiklarius full scheme 07 isiklarius full scheme 08 isiklarius full scheme 09

The Isiklarius is engineered down to four main elements


The body and the visor are designed as one piece, allowing for easier installation, maintenance, stocking, and transportation as well as reducing the number of parts.

isiklarius service
isiklarius full scheme 10 isiklarius full scheme 11

Hinge mounting

Fine-tuning its vertical and horizontal positions

Opening 160°

isiklarius pattern arch
isiklarius pattern scheme

The signal covering glass is decorated with a traditional Turkish ornament

isiklarius istanbul map eng

With love for architecture

For the Istanbul historical peninsula the traffic light is produced using natural materials.

For the surface we used wood veneer with a varnish or special wood-imitating film applied.

isiklarius blenda angle

The body walls are tilted at a particular angle, improving the visibility and preventing water, snow, or dust from collecting on it

Modular structure

The upper portion with two sections is build as a mono-unit. It doubles as a pedestrian light, which further improves maintenance cost.

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