Svetoforus-3 (Kayserius) traffic lights

Overview   Process  

Task: to design traffic lights to compliment the Kayseri cityscape.

Sitting in the heart of Turkey, Kayseri is a prominent city with a rich history. Since the early 2000s, Kayseri has enjoyed economic growth which has sparked renovation. The city’s transportation infrastructure is one of the many improvements taking place. Commissioned by the municipality, the studio developed a modular traffic lights design.

kayserius face

Scaled-down and compact, the internal components allow the Svetoforus-3 body to look slim and fresh, fitting perfectly a progressive and modern atmosphere.

Release date: May 13 2013


artistic director
art director
project manager
kayserius views
Thanks to its thin body, Svetoforus-3 has a contemporary, hi-tech feel.

Svetoforus-3 streamlined form does not steal attention from the critical part: the traffic signals. The bottom display features text backing up the main color signals.

kayserius city
Over-the-road model

The signal panels and displays are made of LED clusters. The back of the traffic lights features an extra display, which, due to high contrast, improved the displays visibility against a busy cityscape.

At daylight and during nighttime

Svetoforus-3 has efficient production cost and is low-maintenance. The body is one solid cast piece, which lowers the production cost, simplifies the mounting construction, and makes the installation and maintenance easier.

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