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    to create a logo for a construction company.

    Sotszhilproekt develops residential districts and adjacent territories. Sotszhilproekt houses are built from reinforced concrete blocks, are assembled with bolts and do not require the use of welding or “wet” processes which greatly facilitates and accelerates construction. A simple and solid logo for the company was developed at the studio.

    szhp logo
    The logo

    The clean and optimistic symbol combines several meanings: a building bolt, a honeycomb as a symbol of a separate cell and personal space and the first letter of the company’s name.

    szhp pattern
    Recognizable pattern

    szhp docs

    szhp final
    — It will all come together!

    art director

    • Еrken Kagarov


    • Vladimir Pavlenko

    type designer

    • Taisiya Lushenko


    • Anna Golovina

    project managers

    • Petr Morugin
    • Grigory Sharov
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