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TransCreditBank website

Website content is managed by the bank’s employees

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[This work is in the museum]

Task: to design a bank website.

OAO TransCreditBank was founded in 1992 and is now in the top twenty list of banks by the amount of issued loans. 95% of TransCreditBank clients are the employees of Russian Railways and its affiliated companies.

tcb site main
New online sales tool

The bank’s main product is pre-approved loans for payroll cards owners. The Studio came up with a service for setting customer credit terms. All a user has to do is to enter his card number and press a button.

tcb site switch insert data
tcb site switch result
tcb site switch form
Data entry, personal loan offer, application form

The payroll cards section of the website contains detailed instructions on cards’ activation, benefits, and additional services.

tcb site econom
Useful information

Release date: January 24 2012


art director
technical designers
technical directors
beta tester
project manager

The website is managed using Imprimatur II proprietary technology

The specially developed system allows the client to manage the banners on the main page. The animation speed can be set as and when necessary, the size of banners adjusts to the resolution of the screen, the type adjusts to the length of the text and the size of the banner. All settings are implemented on the base of Imprimatur II. The alternative for Flash is found.

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