• Graphic design
  • The making of the Telemed Help logo

    Overview• Process

    Getting the task and starting to work.

    Making the first approach and showing to the art director.

    telemedhelp process 01

    Art director: Let’s try out our ideas right on the advertising page of other companies. The second one is good, but the text is wobbly. Also, when arranged like this it looks like a grave cross. Number six might be promising too. Partial medicine, lol. And let’s try to generate a couple more without any references to healthcare at all.

    Searching for ideas without references.

    telemedhelp process 02

    Art director: Well, no.

    Putting the logo on the registration page.

    telemedhelp process 03

    Preparing presentations for the two designs.

    telemedhelp process 04
    telemedhelp process 05

    Receiving another promising design from the second designer, demonstrating it as well.

    telemedhelp process 06

    The client finds the first and third ideas interesting, but they both need improvement: in the first one the cross looks like it belongs on a grave in the third one the triangle looks out of place, illogical, while the symbol itself is too typical for healthcare. We need to move away from such references.

    Working on the cross.

    telemedhelp process 07

    The art director asks to generate more abstract alternatives.

    telemedhelp process 08

    Drawing out the chosen ones.

    telemedhelp process 09
    telemedhelp process 10

    Working on the details.

    telemedhelp process 11
    telemedhelp process 12
    telemedhelp process 13

    A third designer joins in.

    telemedhelp process 14

    Choosing two options.

    telemedhelp process 15

    Bringing four versions to the client, one modified and three new.

    telemedhelp process 16
    telemedhelp process 17
    telemedhelp process 18

    The client likes the one with the letter H.

    However, they have some suggestions: the letter H is barely legible, it needs to be made more evident for example by using a different background or adding volume. The logo needs to reflect the service’s primary function: connecting patients and doctors.

    Elaborating, trying a number of variations.

    telemedhelp process 19

    No. All these hearts and ligature simply don’t work.

    Showing designs for the chosen direction.

    telemedhelp process 20

    It looks like now the symbol has moved too far from the service. The client asks to keep on searching. Trying.

    telemedhelp process 21

    Showing again.

    telemedhelp process 22

    The client wants the icon to better reflect the idea of the service.

    Revealing the ideas of the second designer.

    Project manager: How about this?

    telemedhelp process 23

    Or this? This makes the idea abundantly clear.

    telemedhelp process 24

    Client: No, let’s go back to the counterform of the letter H. You just need to make it more visible, not everyone can notice it as it is. Or maybe you just need to write the service’s name right in the icon to make it absolutely clear.

    Finalizing the chosen direction.

    telemedhelp process 25

    Sending to the type designer for the final polish.

    Trying other letters. The first design is more calm thanks to the straight strokes, the second one is slightly more upbeat.

    telemedhelp process 26

    The art director goes with the calm one. Fixing the outline and changing the sidebearings.

    We need to create two versions, one for doctors and one for patients.

    telemedhelp process 27

    The client chooses the differentiation with the bright blue color.

    Another issue: iPhone and Android have different technical requirements for icons.

    Studying guidelines and making one final push. Also enhancing the gradient.

    telemedhelp process 28