Teriberka stele

Task: to make a delicate and beautiful symbol for a village.

Teriberka is a village on the very edge of the Kola Peninsula, far beyond the Arctic Circle. Farther north there is only the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. People come here to take a break from city life, enjoy picturesque views of the Russian North and admire the polar lights.

A stele for Teriberka was designed in the studio. The art object is located at the entrance to the village, on the side of the hill that reveals amazing views to the travelers.

teriberka 01

Built of logs, the installation is a new local landmark. The location was chosen on purpose: the stele stands on the site of the house of the main character of Leviathan, a 2014 Russian film that won many international awards.

teriberka 02

The unusual shape, just like the area itself, evokes thoughts and vivid associations. The most obvious one is the letter T, the first one in the name of the village. It is also the tail of a whale coming out of the water. Hunting whales is a traditional occupation in Teriberka. In addition, it is also an outline of a man who has reached the edge of the earth and spread his arms wide, overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom.

teriberka 03

The bare logs which age beautifully over time, are deliberately put together roughly and carelessly, so the art object does not look man-made and does not upset the austere beauty of the northern landscape.

teriberka 04

The stele is softly illuminated from inside, so that during the polar night which lasts for several months it can serve as a landmark and add warmth and coziness to the area.

teriberka 05

The supporting metal frame is painted in the color of wood and is barely visible from the outside thanks to the clever arrangement of logs.

teriberka 06

Despite its apparent simplicity, the stele was painstakingly designed down to the smallest bolt: the detailed project includes tipping force calculations, foundation reinforcement diagrams and detailed drawings of the power supply system.

teriberka 07

art director

senior architect

Made in 65 days
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