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    “Cultu.Ru for Schools!” logo and presentation materials

    Overview   Process  

    Booklet (in Russian, PDF, 2.2 MB)

    Problem: Design a logo and presentation materials for a culture and education project.

    “Cultu.Ru for Schools!” is a project aiming to bring theatre to young audiences around the country via the Internet using digital technologies.

    The existing logo of the project was restyled a bit.

    cultu logo
    As is and to be

    For the project we created a presentation booklet.

    cultu cover
    cultu 01
    Double-page spread about the project
    cultu 02
    Double-page spread about the audience
    cultu 03
    Double-page spread about theatre being always easy to access
    cultu 04
    Double-page spread about broadcasting in HD

    And a single poster to show the whole of Cultu.Ru!

    cultu 05
    Watch Cultu.Ru!

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