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    to refresh website of one of Moscow’s best theaters.

    The theater founded by director Pyotr Fomenko stages dramas and comedies, presents one-person shows and tragedies, shows dances and cinema-performances, prepares sketches and even invites to visit the unique concertbutnotaconcert. The theater’s website provides visitors with detailed information about the repertoire, introduces actors engaged in productions and lifts the veil on what goes on backstage.

    Visitors can see what’s happening around the theater’s building online.


    To get information about an actor, visitors need to select him or her on the group picture at the bottom of the main page. Hovering the mouse over an actor dims the lights and highlights the chosen person.

    Live portraits with unique stories were created for personal pages of the actors.

    Over 70 cinemagrams were created.

    Users tired of animation can use the Stop button to pause all animation at once

    Users tired of animation can use the Stop button

    Ivan Popovski

    Vladimir Toptsov

    Nikolai Orlovsky

    Yevgeny Tsyganov

    Kirill Pirogov

    Ksenia Kutepova

    fomenko gif_3

    Nikolai Orlovsky

    fomenko gif_4

    Yevgeny Tsyganov

    fomenko gif_6

    Ksenia Kutepova

    The photo gallery on actors’ pages is used as a navigation element. It can take to the page of the performance shown on the photo or the page of a different actor who also appears in the picture.

    fomenko gallery

    Mock-ups of memorial pages were also created.

    fomenko memory1
    fomenko memory2
    fomenko memory3
    fomenko memory1


    Bright cards are used as entry points to the performance pages. The black and white scenes gain color on mouse hover.

    The card becomes the main symbol of a performance and is used unchanged throughout the entire website: on the main page, on playbills and on actors’ pages. This helps the visitor quickly discern the plays visually.

    fomenko spectcards2

    The play page features a complete trailer of the performance confirming a visitor’s desire to see it or choose a different one.

    Performance cast includes photos of each actor in character. Or in several characters.

    Buying tickets

    The website has a visual system for choosing seats. Instead of using traditional maps, the theater’s halls are presented using specially retouched photographs. This helps visitors get a better understanding of the location of each seat. Overall, images of six versions of the theater’s four halls were created.

    Large hall Small hall Gray hall Green hall I Green hall II Green hall III

    fomenko buy_ticket_big
    fomenko buy_ticket_small
    fomenko buy_ticket_gray
    fomenko buy_ticket_green1
    fomenko buy_ticket_green2
    fomenko buy_ticket_green3

    The very look of ticket purchase buttons demonstrates how many tickets are left.

    fomenko buttons
    fomenko footer

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    • The studio wishes to thank Igor Ovchinnikov, Anastasia Sergeeva, Larisa Gerasimchuk, Ekaterina Shendrik and Vera Zavgorodnyaya for their help with the project