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Office Safety screensaver

tnk_office.exe (Installer for Windows, 11.5 MB)

Task: to create a screensaver teaching office safety.

This is an illustrated office story about the hazards awaiting workers during their office hours. It’s pure havoc with people stumbling over buckets, breaking equipment and getting their eyesight damaged. Poor employees fall off the stairs, get hit by doors, burned by hot water, and carried out on a stretcher. Even a person, who manages to escape electric shock, faces the risk of having his necktie sucked into a shredding machine.

Screensaver emulator (Flash, 11.1 MB)

Coffee and cigarettes shot

Elevator, shredder and paper mess shot

All accidents are commented by a safety instructor

Ordered by TNK-BP Commerce.

Release date: July 18 2008


art director
type designer
flash technologist

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