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    Toster is an online glossy published by Art. Lebedev Studio.

    It has all the best qualities such as fast load time, intricate color scheme, convenient multilevel navigation, three-column layout, strechable tables and the two-headed turtoise by Roma Voronezhsky.


    Toster tells about proper people and ideas in a proper way.

    Toster is being produced in St. Petersburg gaining popularity in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Argentina, Canada, the USA, Israel, France and other countries.

    Release date: November 29 2001


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Roma Voronezhsky
    Serzh Zolotukhin
    Sonya Ovsyannikova
    Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technologies:
  • Imprimatur
  • Parser 3
  • Typeface: Rotis

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