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    to create a logo from a slogan.

    In January 2017, Artemy Lebedev went on a trip to Argentina. Even before he arrived, his first discovery was that he couldn’t rent a car with automatic transmission: such cars are rare in the country and to rent one is unreasonably expensive. After several attempts to negotiate a deal with private owners and car dealers, the studio’s artistic director fell in despair and reserved a car with manual transmission. Unexpectedly, Toyota’s Russian office came to help: they got in touch with their colleagues in Argentina and arranged an SUV that could also be taken out to neighboring countries. Back in Moscow, the joyful artistic director wrote an extensive blog post thanking Toyota and suggesting it change its slogan from Driving the Dream to Toyota Brings Joy.

    toyota slogan
    The smile and happily dancing letters precisely convey the experience of interacting with Toyota

    The new sloganotype looks great on cars, accessories, souvenirs and other media.

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