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    The making of the Tyazhmash Group website

    Overview   Process  

    Diving into the world of heavy machinery. Deciding to show the real scale of the projects.

    tyazhmash process 01
    tyazhmash process 02

    Trying different approaches: creating blueprints, displaying equipment in section, using infographics.

    tyazhmash process 03

    We need fresh new ideas. Brainstorming.

    tyazhmash process 04

    Finding a suitable image and presenting it to the client.

    tyazhmash process 05

    Making a landing page.

    tyazhmash process 06

    Inspired by epic Hollywood sci-fi movies, the designer begins to assemble the website.

    tyazhmash process 07

    Art director: Doesn’t look like a movie poster yet.


    tyazhmash process 08

    Art director: ОК.

    Rendering the missing pages and showing to the client.

    tyazhmash process 09

    The client asks to cut down on the space theme. Turning our attention to the major projects instead. Making the first drafts.

    tyazhmash process 10

    Considering section navigation. Creating a large panorama.

    tyazhmash process 11

    Visualizing the missing equipment. Looking for the best composition and perspective, choosing materials, polishing the objects in a graphics editor.

    tyazhmash process 12

    Deciding on how the classified equipment should be displayed. Covering it with veils.

    tyazhmash process 13

    Making photographs of draped fabric.

    tyazhmash process 14

    Adding the guy who will show the scale of the projects and provide horizontal scrolling.

    tyazhmash process 15

    Assembling the robot out of the plant’s products.

    tyazhmash process 16

    Assembly process.

    tyazhmash process 18

    Simultaneously fine-tuning the navigation.

    tyazhmash process 21

    Rendering the pages of the most important projects.

    tyazhmash process 19

    Choosing the favicon. Taking the most noticeable one.

    tyazhmash process 20

    Catching bugs and correcting indents.

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