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Task: to create a typeface.

Finlandia Script is an elegant and confident typeface inspired by the music and handwriting of Jean Sibelius (1865–1957), the author of Finlandia, the famous symphonic poem which became the unofficial anthem of Finland.

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Finlandia Script has its origins in musical scores and letters of the composer. The letters of the typeface are similar to Sibeilus’s handwriting in shape, balance and rhythm yet are not an exact copy. The type forms smooth lines of text, highly legible, easily readable, with a very expressive but gentle character.

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Finlandia Script

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Release date: March 16 2015


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Three styles provide great opportunities for use in promotional materials, magazines or packaging that require both bright individuality and naturalness. In addition to regular and bold styles, the typeface includes a special Frost style which works best in large point sizes and has characters covered with winter frost.

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Finlandia Script supports nearly one hundred languages with Latin and extended Cyrillic alphabets. More than 1,100 ligatures enliven the matter, making it versatile and conveying the musical origins of the type.

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