Chalk & Honey typeface

Task: to design a display typeface.

Chalk & Honey is a display typeface in two hands with uppercase characters only. The Chalk has straightforward, chopped masculine lines without compromising diagonals and soft curves.

mel and med mel

Thanks to a variety of ligatures and alternative characters the Chalk effortlessly spins any line into an ornament.

The Honey is essentially a “melted” Chalk with its soft, thick, and sticky look. It fits perfectly in short titles and is very expressive in typographic compositions.

mel and med med

Chalk & Honey typeface is best employed for clubs and cafes signs, as well as for fresh, standout posters.

mel and med sample med
mel and med sample mel
I want to be yours

Chalk & Honey

Online price:  32.1  $
  ≈ 30  €
  ≈ 2999  руб.

Release date: June 29 2011


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