Meringue typeface

Problem: Develop a body copy typeface.

Meringue, a transitional serif face, is designed specially for modern magazines, the glossy-to-a-reasonable-extent type. It is ideal for fashion photography, fashion publications and mag covers, and can be used for headings and captions, as well as for body copy. The italic version, with its wave-like vertical strokes, creates yet more stylishly expressive feel.

Text set in Meringue has an elegant weightless look, and the strongest effect can be achieved with high-quality printing. The typeface includes old style figures, ligatures, and alternative characters that allow creating truly versatile design by means of typography.

Designers may also find Meringue perfect for beautiful presentations, invitations and other special occasion papers.

I want to be yours


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Release date: December 08 2009


art director
Typeface designed during the Type and Typography course at the British Higher School of Art and Design, supervised by Ilya Ruderman

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