Zheldor typeface

Problem: Create a type for the “Railroad” movie credits.

Zheldor typeface was designed specially for the “Railroad” movie credits, but wasn’t used there. As a result, here comes an original type product that fits nicely into the urban environment.

This vigorous, twitching and deconstructive font works well for emotional large-letter designs and non-too-serious teenage style headings. But however extreme it may seem, Zheldor also has a simple and friendly feel to it.

Oleg Tischenkov

Cmart wanted me to use some distorted font to create the movie credits. We decided it would be better if we designed one ourselves. It had to look very artless, you know, kind of like the primitive signs street food sellers make with tape.

So, we developed it—a well-balanced urban typeface you can apply to bus route signage as well as to jewellery discount tags»

Font use examples

I want to be yours


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Release date: March 31 2009


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