The making of the UFS website layouts

Overview   Process  

Studying internal processes of the system and defining its structure.

ufs process 01

Deciding to break down the website into three global sections: Ticket Office, Information Desk and My Order. The first section deals with ticket sales, the second will provide useful travel information and in the third the users will be able to print out guides with useful tips custom tailored for their journeys. Assembling a prototype to test all scenario hypotheses.

ufs process 02

The client likes the approach. Moving on to the design concept. The first idea is to make a calendar with visual information on prices.

ufs process 03

Art director: Not bad. It would probably be difficult for the client to implement, but it doesn’t mean we can’t suggest it.

Adding everything we need to create the main page. Using a color scheme similar to the colors of the logo.

ufs process 04

Visually separating the filters from the flight list. Making the expanded filter fill the entire page which allows us to easily fit all the parameters.

ufs process 05

Adding the ability to change destination in the collapsed filter with a simple text input.

ufs process 06

The date can also be changed without expanding the filter.

ufs process 07

Working on the style.

ufs process 08

Assembling a presentation and showing to the client.

ufs process 09

The client likes it but asks to choose a different color scheme, further from the sky and air travel and closer to railroads.

When inverted, the original color scheme doesn’t look dissimilar to rail travel.

ufs process 10

Client: All right, you’ve proven you’re right. You also need to think about the cases where price information would not be available.

Creating two views of the calendar.

ufs process 11

To make building the website is easy, creating a small site map with ready pages.

ufs process 12

Finalizing the rest of the pages.

ufs process 13

Simultaneously assembling a generic page.

ufs process 14

The client typesets the pages that will be launched first. There are a couple of things that need to be fixed.

ufs process 15

Working on the dynamics.

ufs process 16

Order a design...