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    to design a series of stamps for Ukrposhta.

    A series of colorful postage stamps was created so that Ukrainians can send letters and postcards with warm wishes to their friends and family all over the world.

    ukrposhta stamps note
    ukrposhta stamps package

    The bright summer illustrations embody the Ukrainian national character. The full-color stamps feature images of pansies, buttercups and scarlet flax while the gentle outline stamps have bellflowers, forget-me-nots and maiden pink.

    ukrposhta stamps card
    The stamps feature a wish, the name of the country in three languages, issue year and value. Each stamp is a valuable addition to a philately album.
    ukrposhta stamps final

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Lizaveta Romantsova

    project manager

    • Dmitry Loginov
    Graphic design  Ukrposhta  Ukraine