The making of the Ukrposhta logo

Overview• Process

Trying to look for inspiration in letters and classic symbols: envelopes, post horns, post boxes. We want the logo to demonstrate that Ukrposhta is a modern company that is rooted in tradition.

up logo process 01

The envelope with the letter У looks good. Searching for the graphic solution.

up logo process 02

We need to make lines simpler and more active.

up logo process 03

And more logo-like.

up logo process 04

Reminds of Google somehow.

The post horn is still on our mind, trying to use it in a design.

up logo process 05

No. Going back to the envelope with a fresh set of eyes, trying to marry it with the stamp shape and remove Googliness.

up logo process 06

Just what we need. A couple more brush strokes, a test and the logo is ready.

up logo process 07
up logo process 08