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    to develop a name, a corporate identity and a style guide.

    Umney helps receive quality distance education in leading colleges and universities in Russia and across the world. A logo and a corporate identity for the company were created at the studio.

    sga logo
    The logo shines with the bright light of science

    At the core of the logo is the image of a lighthouse visible from afar. Just like a lighthouse, Umney projects knowledge from a distance. Colored radial segments represent various courses. Just as mixing colors yields new tones, the intersection of scientific areas gives birth to new domains of knowledge.

    sga para back
    sga para rocket
    sga para note
    sga para open note
    sga para pencil green
    sga para pencil blue
    sga para ball
    Tools of a successful student
    umney docs mobile
    Tools of a successful student

    The style’s geometric shapes can be easily placed on any media. Simple and bright elements work great on respectable business stationery and delightful souvenirs.

    sga cards

    Rules for the use of the logo, corporate colors and the typeface are given in the style guide.

    sga bb colors
    Opening on corporate colors

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