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    This is the second time that three-dimensional graphics were used in Russia to make advertising photos of the existing automobile (the first time it was Matiz images made by the studio for outdoor advertising).

    A substantial part of the images was included in this booklet whose primary task in drawing potential buyers’ attention, telling them the full truth about the car’s infinitely enticing features and showing pictures filled with the images of love.

    Matiz was set by Art. Lebedev Studio designers in a city, in the country, on a highway and in a pavilion. To save time, the car interior was photographed.

    Bonus track: a photo that wasn’t included in the booklet.

    Release date: December 24 2004


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Nikolay Vershinin
    assistant designer
    Igor Shmelev
    Aleksey Zalata
    Vladimir Sinelnikov
    Noеl Senak
    Ilya Mikhaylov
    Anton Yarusov
    Sergey Fedorov
    Olga Ekaterincheva
    Ekaterina Berezy
    Tina Mitusova

    Visualizer Nikolay Vershinin with a black reflector in hands while shooting the Matiz rear light in the backyard of Art. Lebedev Studio (August 2004). The photos of the car’s external parts were used to analyze highlights and reflexes


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