Matiz city advertisement

For Daewoo Matiz car advertisement Art. Lebedev Studio designers created a 3D model based on the manufacturer’s files.

This is the first time 3D graphics were used in Russia to make advertising photos of the existing automobile. The quality of the result is on par with Western professional automobile photos (Russia lacks this sort of specialists so far). 3D gave Art. Lebedev Studio designers freedom in choosing the shooting angle and the ideal precision in building the compositions.

With the words “My Small Love” and “Don’t Go”, Matiz advertising has dignified Moscow’s large format advertising surfaces.

Release date: November 02 2004


art director
cabin boy

Advertising banner and two fragments (for October cinema theater façade in Novy Arbat, 8×100 m)

Front (5×12 m)

Back (5×12 m)

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