• Industrial design
  • The making of Valikus paint roller

    Overview   Packaging   Process  

    Examining prior achievements in this sphere. Drawing flowers sparsely to make it easy to align the strokes.

    valikus process 01

    Art director: Nope.

    We want it to have a Russian motif. Looking at old Russian printed fabrics.

    valikus process 02

    Again not what we need. It has to be both simple and complex at the same time. Taking five-petal flowers and drawing them in various ways.

    valikus process 03

    That we like! Converting it to vector and trying to align with different shift which is unavoidable in real life.

    valikus process 04

    Sending the roller to production and using the design to create a new pattern by adding various effects.

    valikus process pattern

    Now the packaging.

    Coming up with a couple of ideas.

    valikus process 05
    valikus process 06

    Assembling a mock-up.

    valikus process 07

    The art director asks to look for other options.

    valikus process 08

    Meanwhile, the internship of the designer working on the packaging ends and she returns to France. Another designer picks up the work.

    valikus process 09

    Finding ways to make it better.

    valikus process 10

    Doesn’t look good. Also, the painter is left-handed.

    Making the product larger.

    valikus process 11

    Increasing margins in the title.

    valikus process 12

    Proofreading the texts.

    valikus process 13

    Adding a barely noticeable pattern.

    valikus process 14

    Order a design...