• Graphic design
  • The making of the Vash Partner logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Our company offers financial and management accounting automation to stores and restaurants in Arkhangelsk. The name is Vash Partner. You can see the current logo on our website ikkm.ru.


    vash partner process 01

    Art director: Something like number 8. But the further sleeve is poorly cut.

    vash partner process 02

    Art director: Still, the back sleeve messes up the perspective.

    Дизайнер: What if we rotate it this way?

    vash partner process 03

    Art director: That’s how you break an arm, not shake a hand. It should disappear into the distance.

    vash partner process 04

    Art director: Perfect. Now you just have to make the nail less female and fix the text.

    vash partner process 05

    Art director: The typeface is crap.

    vash partner process 06

    Art director: You can start with a capital letter. Right now all of them lack imagination. Can you try moving the text around? And let me remind you, you can only use studio’s typefaces.

    vash partner process 07
    vash partner process 08

    Art director: 3 is OK.